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Email/SMTP Encryption


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Seeing that the "hacker" community by nature is a security community I thought I would turn to anyone here that could provide me with some insight. Here's my situation....

I have been looking at email encryption options for our company and have narrowed it down to 2 different companies, Zixcorp or Appriver. Both seem to be very good companies from what I can tell. But the major sticking point to these companies is that they don't rely on the end user to manually decrypt anything, it is either done by the company its self or an appliance. No end user actions required.... VERY IMPORTANT.

I would like to know if anyone has any "real world" knowledge on either of these companies or if anyone has any other options that I should look into.

Bottom line.... I work for a company that is required to follow certain laws including all HIPPA laws which are being updated this year and our current form of encryption just won't be enough anymore.

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We are currently using tls configured with several companies, some basic dektop email encryption programs which requires end user action and is not all users have it, and then of course password protecting attachments (also requires end user action). Our goal is to make all encryption seemless without any end user interaction and also based on policy's to automate what should be encrypted what should not be.

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We've actually made a decision last week. We've decided to go with ZixCorp. They have more of what we are looking for.

Zixcorp specializes in my industry and many of our partners use them as there solution. They provide the public keys and act as a message portal for the recipient via a web page hosted and hosted by Zixcorp but with our branding. Pretty much minimizing the crap I got to deal with. Also all encryption will be done at the gate with an appliance they provide and maintain and not at our smtp server. The encryption is policy based and they can even scan 60+ different attachment types.The pricing is not to bad either and is comparable to others out there that offer close to the benefits. It comes down to about $8000 per year for 3 years.


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