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Norton Still Causes PRblems After Uninstall


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My Computer's keyboard is now slow like takes two or three seconds to respond to button presses at time and others it is fine also I uninstall get 300 mb of Ram back (a lot sense I am playing with 446 mb of RAM). But still iTunes is slow (no a suprise) I fire up Chrome and it has no so net connection but firefox and opera do so I am using Opera . Any one else run into this problem? Thanks for you input :)

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if you have less than 1gb ram, its no wonder the things running slow. I figure you're running XP w/ SP3 (if you're running vista on that little ram... well I'm not wanting to make enemies here so I'll leave that alone) Not everyone agrees with me on this but it's experience from dealing with end-users, XP SP3 needs 1gb to work right, 1.5 if you want to do anything 2gb if you want to do anything at any rate of speed. I worked for a guy who never put any more than 256mb ram in his machines, and people were always complaining they were slow, when I opened my shop in '05 I put 1gb in everything and in '07 when I closed it to take a steady (or so I thought) job nothing left with less than 2gb and not once did I have anyone complain their computers were slow unless of course it had a malware infection, which btw I wouldn't rule out if you had Norton. Memory's dirt cheap these days, up that, run ccleaner, run malwarebytes to check for anything Norton missed and disable as much junk in your system tray as possible (when mine boots, its only the HP digital imaging monitor and LogMeIn in my tray)

there's my .02

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you say you have norton and 446mb ram? smells alot like that's yer problem right there... I'm thinking since that's a pretty odd number of ram, that you actually have 512mb, but your using an integrated video card that shares the memory..


Throw another 512mb in it

Can norton.

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Throw RAM at the problem and see if it fixes it =]

Other things to try;-

Run MSCONFIG and disable everything you don't need from start up.

You've uninstalled Norton but what have you replaced it with? From experience the only AV I recommend is ESET's NOD32.

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You've uninstalled Norton but what have you replaced it with? From experience the only AV I recommend is ESET's NOD32.

I agree, I like NOD32 too, however if money's tight Avast isn't too bad either. But like I said earlier and everyone else has, upgrade your ram B)

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Ok I uninstalled Norton totally but before doing that my keyboard was fine and I generally ran with Task Manager at 900 mb of RAM (so a lot of virtual memory)

Also it is integrated graphics so that is why there is a funky number

Windows only needs 100 mb of RAM (I have ran it with that and it was FINE)

For all the flashy stuff it needs 170 mb of RAM (ditto, runs fine)

the above is with no apps running

I then run iTunes (uses 80mb of RAM, sometimes itunes get bitchy but that is apple software on the PC (is it the same with MS on the Mac???))

Chrome or Opera runs fine, firefox is bitchy

I have installed AVG Free and am scanning then uninstalling.

Keyboard for now is fixed (my guess is fluke (I ran the battery dead dead and rebooted with it dead (without windows interfering.))).

So keyboard is fine now...

my guess is either a) it needed a hard shutdown to fix itself for some reason (reboot did not work)

or it is a damn smart rootkit/keylogger that only runs with no AV and with av is not detected.

Oh and i go through the process list every so often checking for fishy process, I only have launchy and taskswitch.exe (MS PowerToys) running at startup.

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Jesus... half a gig of RAM? I have 8GB and I still think iTunes is slow... Seriously upgrade it ASAP, your computer will love you for it. Its dirt cheap atm, and depending on your system spec you may even be able to blag old kit from nice people.

As for your current problem, try de-fragging. If your computer is swapping heavily, then removing a large application will have done it no favours. Use contig and the xp defrag, run from safe mode and see if that helps.

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It wasn't a virus... IT WAS ATI :-)

I went through the process in Task Manager and killed them off and saw which one made it go from slow typing to regular normal typing...

Ok the process was

ati2evxx.exe I have two of them running and they are a part of the display driver (so could have been my display was slow????) anyways from the comments here http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ati2evxx.exe.html is seems like it is a useless part of it and after killing them I see no ill affects.

Oh I also have a quote :-) that I though of during killing process. It probably isn't true :-)

It's like playing Russian Rullete with Windows, sometimes it works and sometimes it, well, doesn't :-) (Not sure if it has been said before but I made it up while killing process.)

From http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic89438.html

Thanks for the posts! I took a look at that and then also found out some more stuff:



The ATI HotKey Poller is installed with any current ATI driver set. It is used in intercepting any key combinations that you define to perform specific tasks that involve multiple monitors. Simply put this means that this service listens to your keystrokes and when you press keys that match hotkeys that you define (macros) then it will perform the assigned task to that hotkey. If you disable this service then you will not have this functionality. I suggest most people should disable this service unless they use multiple monitors or odd output devices such as TVs.

Most current video cards support dual monitor display, and a few others support more (like the Matrox Parahelia that supports tri monitor display). This allows you to expand your computer's desktop across multiple monitors to give you more real estate. People that use their computers in more advanced ways, such as graphics design or those that just use a lot of programs at once, find this ability quite useful.

The ATI display driver is equipped to support the functionality of multi display. And this is where the Hotkey Poller comes in. Within the display property (right click desktop, properties) and under settings and then under the advanced button, ten under the Displays tab you have the ability to select which monitors or TVs to output your display signals onto. You can also configure hotkeys that perform tasks such as switching between multiple monitors.

If you wish to disable this service you should set it to disabled and reboot your computer as it will not let you stop the service. If you cannot reboot (or you don't want to) then you can kill the executable ati2evxx.exe. You can freely terminate (kill) these through task manager as they are not protected services. There will most likely be two of these processes running under the same name, but they're both the same thing. One is most likely a driver intercepter and the other a frontend client of sorts. If there are two then you will need to kill both to properly close them.

I am guessing that AV was blocking it (the keystroking) so it had no effect that is why it went away with AV.

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I also had a problem with neither IE or iTunes or Chrome could connect to the internet...

so far I have IE able to....

I ran "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff even if you don't have extenstions run it if you have problems... it worked for me :-)


Delete the install folder of Google Chrome in C:\Documents and Settings\David Morehouse\Local Settings\Application Data\ it is called Google highlight it and hit SHIFT DEL and confirm (it will actually delete it not just move it to the recycle bin)

Could have ran because of the IE fix though... not sure


Just run above and it ran!

Thank You to Opera and Firefox for allowing me Internet (to solve these problems) :-).

- I am guessing that Chrome, iTunes, and IE all use MS's internet hooks that they made for IE (and so when IE didn't work neither did Chrome or iTunes).

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