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Switchblade concept idea


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I was thinking about modifying the switchblade code to work on a cheap and expendable CD. yes i know the logs wont write to the disk but why not just have everything emailed out instead. I think if you did this and it would do the exact same as a U3 switchblade it would really make those army guys or marines or whoever it was that heard about the switchblade and ordered all usb slots glued shut to panic some more. I just wanted to state my feelings about this since i have had more then one U3 drive get borked while trying to do both the switchblade and my own custom apps.

something else was the anti virus for those non U3 switchblades yeah it nukes it bad if the AV isnt killed but i thought either have a usb battering ram with a AV Kill script on-board so the switchblade and have a feeding frenzy on the system. I do believe i hear some other way about having a backup rar file or something similar on the drive but doing the AV Kill after a nuke then restoring to hack the machine seems like that would take too long even when you dont have much time to begin with. still other then the log on the flash drive an emailed version would be a nice little perk to have with all that external ip data, nmap, key logs and so on.

Im not really a coder but I am carefully trying to look over the different switchblade flavors and see if there is anything I could do to make this happen but if anyone wants to fill in the blanks feel free to lend a hand.

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you raise a point about the glueing shut. What i have done in the past for my annoyance programs that i pranked my friends with is that i took a program that all it does is copy a file from my disk onto the computer and have it run right away. so i can pop the disk out right then. then after it is done with all its fun stuff it will delete itself. (trojan like, i know) but I dont know what you say is possible and pretty good thinking. But if a system was locked down with its usb ports glued shut i wouldnt waste my time. i would just case another computer too much risk (i would prefer not getting caught)

And as i was typing that i realized something. most keymoards these days are USb driven so they need atleast a few ports clear. Just pop out the keyboard plug int he switchblade then have at it. when you are down just plug the keyboard back in. all you really need is your mouse for it anyways.

and AV kill is alittle harder then it used to be because of all the redundant system processes that cant be killed easily and all the virus like attributes that the AV has in it to make sure that it doesnt get screwed with. But nothing is impossible.

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