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Bandwidth monitor

Brian Sierakowski

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I have a site where we have hooked up a wireless network on two buildings about 100 yards apart using yagi antennas, and we're getting about 30mbps on average throughput.

We'll, this would be fine for their VOIP phones alone, as VOIP calls only take up 30-40kbps each, but they also have data running through the lines too.

They insist that it's not THAT much data, however, their phones keep losing connection with the system at the main office.

My question: Does anyone know of a tool or technique that I can use to monitor how much bandwidth is being used by what IP's? I suspect that their pc's are saving large files to the server on the other side of the wireless connection, hogging the line and DoSing the phones. I installed QoS on the wireless AP's, however they don't have QoS anywhere else on the network, so it's not doing us a whole lot of good right now.

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated.



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