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Re-encode audio stream in video file


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This is slowly turning into my source of grey hair. I think I've tried almost everything I can possibly try. So now I turn to the gurus in various areas of the Hak5 community, or maybe even the Hak5 members themselves. Someone must have sufficient multimedia (audio/video) mastery to be of aid. Here is my question:

I have a video file. It is in a Windows Media container (.wmv), has VC-1 encoded video (which is fine), and has WMAP encoded audio in 6 channels (which is not fine). Now, from what I understand, my problem is the 6 channels in the audio stream. If it helps at all, I need to play this video file on my PS3, which apparently doesn't support more than 2 channels of audio. So for the last week, I've been trying to figure out how to fix this since I no longer have the source from which I got it. I've tried completely re-encoding the audio and just copying the video stream into both the same container format as well as multiple different container formats. I've tried removing 4 of the 6 channels without having to completely re-encode everything. I've tried demuxing the audio and video, re-encoding the audio, and remuxing them both back together. I'm running out of ideas. I really don't want to put a few days or a week into re-encoding the video, but I will if I have to. But before I do that, can anyone suggest a way of either re-encoding JUST the audio with only 2 channels without having to re-encode the video, or remove 4 of the 6 channels? Actually, any suggestions would be great. This is driving me insane :( . Thanks for the help :lol:

::Edit: So 3 minutes after I posted this I found the Windows Media Stream Editor.... Don't you just love when that happens? Anyways, I got it working -.-'


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