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Free online MIT courses


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Maybe some of you have heard about this allready, I just read about it in the newest issue of popular science magazine. The Massachusetts institute of Technology has like 1900 courses online, with the syllabus, assignments, downloadable e-books for the course, some have videos of lectures, labd and projects, all kinds of cool stuff. The downside is it is just for learning you will not get college credits for it. The upside is its just like a real online college course. Im taking one now at a community college (For credits) and just started taking a Class at MIT online to learn how to program in Python. This is an awesome thing for MIT to do for the community and even world, alot of people overseas are learning and taking classes there.

Their site is


theres alot of computer science and engineering classes on there, as well as everything else.. just thought I would share this information incase somebody has not heard about it. :)

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