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MBR error on boot up


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I get this error on boot up:


I have copied the grldr file and made a menu.lst file. Grubinst prompts "The MBR has been successfully installed" when executed. I have followed and retried (read: reformatted the drive) the instructions 3 times without success. Any ideas?

EDIT: I have a 16GB Kingston Traveler G2, if that helps. The drive has been configured from a Windows 7 RTM system. Before reformatting, the drive has had a FAT32 file system.

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Did you format the drive as USB or FAT/FAT32? Grub4DOS will not boot from the MBR/BS to an NTFS partition.

Really? I formatted the USB as FAT32, and start PE2USB. Here I don't see any option to format it as NTFS. When finished, looking on the drives properties, it is now NTFS. What am I missing?

I'll try doing a FAT32 MBR drive with diskpart and bootsect and see if that fixes it. Thanks.

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GRUB4DOS actually does support booting from NTFS.



*** GRLDR Error messages ***



3. This partition is NTFS but with unknown boot record. Please install

Microsoft NTFS boot sectors to this partition correctly, or create an

FAT12/16/32 partition and place the same copy of GRLDR and MENU.LST there.

The boot record was changed or erased by Microsoft Windows XP Service

Pack 2.

You may install the old boot record introduced with the original clean

Windows 2K/XP. As another solution, you may create an FAT partition

for your system, and copy GRLDR and your MENU.LST to its root dir.

While the startup code of grldr might fail to load GRLDR in NTFS

partitions, it always successfully loads GRLDR in FAT partitions(and

even in ext2/ext3 partitions).

Note that NTLDR only loads the startup code of grldr(i.e., the leading

16 sectors of grldr), not the whole grldr file.

Thus, C:\GRLDR must exist(here C: can be NTFS), since it is used for

BOOT.INI and NTLDR. If C: is NTFS, X:\GRLDR should exist as well,

where X: stands for a certain FAT partition.

You should probably just format in FAT. Save everything somewhere else before reformating, then just copy it all back over so you don't have to config everything again.

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