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Messed up GRUB


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Help please!

To cut a long story short. I had Windows XP and Ubuntu on my laptop, downloaded and tried to install the new Ubuntu. It messed up half way through (probley a DVD defect I think) and now I can't boot into anything I got a GRUB 15 error. I tried messing around with Hirens boot CD to fix it nothing seemed to work. Got really pissed and used partion magic (on the Hirens CD) and did a few things and now it's saying my C: drive is unformatted. (still active and primary)

So how to I reformat my C: with NTFS but without losing all my data and 2 fix the grub??

Ah thanks!

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Tried using mbrfix but Windows just won't load at all just get a black screen.

I think I've messed up the c: somehow (as I messed around with a load of program) because it says unformatted file system and the fact that it won't boot.

edit: Screenshot. Partition 2 is where Windows should be.


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Please tell me you didn't repartition the drive in the hopes of fixing this?

lol nope. It was about 3am and I was frustrated and, don't ask, somereason changed it from, I think, extendeded to something (logical i think, or primary) can't remember.


So I'm guessing I somehow have to re-format it with NTFS but don't want to lose my data.

I've got an image of the drive but it's about 1month old.

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Hate to break it to ya this way, but I fear that data is already lost.

See if you can do anything with The Sleuth Kit.

Oh rite :( Doesn't matter too much I only had Programs and that on the C: keep all my personal stuff on a seperate partition which seems to be ok.

I've just got to find a way of mounting that image file with drive image xml which is on an external harddrive.

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