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Cloud Storage on the Cheap


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Hey All,

Been lurking around for a while...reading..watching..learning...

After the discussion/contests a few months ago regarding the design your own whitebox server for $2000 I figured I would share this and hopefully some of you will get a kick out of this...I know I have a project for the weekend ;-)


Disclaimer: I have never used backblaze, I do not work for them, and had never even heard of them until this article..so it could be complete BS...but it sounds legit and the logic is there...

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After reading the article i have my speculations that the setup mentioned is legit. 67 TB per box is a really nice idea and hope that this true

unless i am mistaken they way that they have the SATA interface cards laid out on the bottom of the drive case there is no connection to the motherboard even with SATA backplanes I must admit if it is legit its a fascinating design and worthy of more research. Also the cases must be custom designed for that specific purpose because i have never seen one quite like it on the "of the shelf" market. I will be paying attention to backblaze to see if they have anything in the future on this project

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