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gps tracking question


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ok, so an unidentified person that i know, is acting a bit suspicious lately.

i was wondering if anyone here knows a way that id be able to track them down using their cellphone number.

i know that the iphone has a program that you an track other friends iphones, but i have verizon, and so does the other person.

and no, its nt a dangerous "suspicious"

and also, im not gonna go to the cops for it

[ive tried another non-hacking forum, and they've all said report it to the popo. which isnt why id be asking for help.]

any ideas?


p.s. i didnt know if this is the right section for this, but move it if needed.

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You might be interested in this video.


As for a specific application that allows you to track a phone, im not sure.

that was a pretty interesting video, im gonna look more into that mologogo now. as for the phone, i might actually have one sitting around.

thanks for the help.

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How in that video did that guy afford a phone with gps in it for under $20... Some titles are so misleading honesty..

I haven't looked into it but I've often heard that even cheap phones are location-aware, so I don't think it's necessarily impossible. I considered a project involving a cheap phone and an external (either serial or bluetooth) GPS unit which would act as a tracker, that could be done for very little especially if it was based on a used prepay phone. Ultimately I abandoned it because, well, I don't know Java, so I wouldn't have been able to easily write the necessary application (though I did later write the same thing for Windows and successfully tested SMSing my laptop with an HSDPA modem attached and having it SMS me back with its co-ordinates, which is essentially the same thing).

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I was gonna build something based on smartphones because you can get hold of an old c550/c500 cheaply and upgrade it (if needed) to wm6 and it's easy to build apps for it and it supports bluetooth for a gps unit however what put me off is such devices already exist. I remember seeing a project board with a gps unit and gsm although it was kinda pricey in comparison.


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