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Internet Explorer proxy settings?


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This is not a "I wanna hack my school" scenario. I just want to be able to use Firefox portable at school for a few reasons. One is that I can't stand internet explorer - it always seems to crash at the worst times. Another is that if I use portable Firefox, I can then set up SSH tunneling, IF I WANT. I know SSH tunneling is possible for me just now, but I'd like to just be able to use Firefox Portable without SSH tunneling just yet.

So my school uses Windows XP on all computers, with Internet Explorer as the default browser. They must use some kind of proxy, since Firefox Portable doesn't work from-the-off.

My question is, without the ability to access the "Internet Settings" or "Tools" option in Internet Explorer, how can I find out the proxy settings in order to use them with Firefox? Is there a way?

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I was expecting to see some kind of pop-up on first boot asking to import setting and bookmarks, but it never came. Maybe it's hidden away in menus and such like, though I did have a look.

Unfortunately, I can't check until tomorrow, maybe even till thursday.

Thanks Sparda. I'm sorry if this is the case - didn't realise this was a feature of the portable firefox. Maybe I should think about googling more before posting.. Thanks anyway :)

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FF has an "auto detect proxy for this network" setting as well, so if they were using one in IE, then it should pick it up. Under Tools>Options>Network>Connection: Settings> Auto Detect []

You could also try spoofing your User Agent as IE, as their firewall or proxy may block FF user agent from making/receiving requests

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