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Wifi Bandwidth Control


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I have a wifi LAN setup at my home, which is shared by me and my mate. Now i have an "i Open" i Connect 622 wired modem/router hooked up to my d-link dir300 wireless router, which is connected to my desktop PC via Ethernet cable. Now the problem is that my flatmate uses up all the bandwidth by watching you tube videos all the time. I tried filtering out his mac address in the d-link's admin controls, so he cannot connect to the internet at all, but he connected his laptop directly to the Ethernet cable which was connected to my pc to use internet while i was at work. So that leaves me with playing around my iOpen modem. There are a lot of options in the advanced panel however i am a novice in these things, and do not know how to use the features.

I would like to be able to restrict his download speed to 256kbps instead of 18Mbps, and i have read that this can be achieved via Qos, but the qos option in my dir-300's admin panel is disabled(it's Grey with no click able form).

I would appreciate any help.

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You can also say you pay for how much bandwidth you use. Install a bandwidth monitor on both your computers, and figure out a price per GB and you guys pay for how much you use. That's assuming you guys split the bill already.

*Edit* that idea has some problems. But what ever it gives you a idea. Work together.

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You said you had a LAN, now you say you dont have a network?

I thought we call this setup as a network? Sorry about that. Now my main concern is how to get the QoS form enabled.

Any suggestions as to why it could be disabled.

Here is a screenie:


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If you pay for it and he doesn't comply to your usage agreement (not using all bandwidth for YouTube) kick his ass off. He needs to realize that the internet connection you pay for and let him use is not a right but a privilege which you control.

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One thing you can do is set up OpenDNS on your router(make sure you password protect your router as well so he can't change anything once you set it up), then sign up with OpenDNS, add your IP address from your ISP (Go to http://projectip.com/ if you dont know what it is, but OpenDNS should automatically detect it within their webpages control panel), and then use the filters from OpenDNS to block access to youtube.com (or any other domain you want to block), unblock it when you want to use it yourself. Once OpenDNS is implemented on the router, unless he tunnels through a proxy or vpn, he won't be able to reach the site at all.

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