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Can WPA2 key be obtained from Windows Vista?


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Hey! We are having a little problem at the school with WLAN connectifity and I was wondering if I could obtain the WPA2 password from Windows Vista?

Our school build us a new computer apartment which is pretty sweet, but our "Web admins" have neglated to tell us the new WLAN password (which effectly shuts us from having access to your files, saved on schools domain server with our own laptops), we have schools own laptops which have the password saved into them and as usualy it can not be just copied off the settings, so is there any way to get the password expect to keep sending e-mails to our "Web Admins" and praying to God?

P.S. I have access to machines Administrator account and to our Domain Administrator account.

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Basicly force of habit, we have only 6 months of actual school work left untill graduation and for past three years we have been able to use our schools intranet and Internet as we wish, but I guess we just have to adapt

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