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Chainload Grub from PLoP?


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Anyone tried chainloading Grub4DOS/Grub2 from PLoP? Is it even possible? If so, can it be setup automatically to boot straight into Grub via PLoP?

(My computer and school computers only support USB1.1 boot :()

Are you wanting to boot PLoP from USB and then reboot the USB from PLoP with USB 2.0 support? I attempted this once without success and then got rid of it. I think the problem was that PLoP didn't recognize my flash drive since it was already plugged in and booted from, making PLoP think it's a HDD. If you loaded the ISO or floppy image into RAM using "map --mem", disconnect your flash drive, and reconnect it it may very well work. And yes, there is a way to customize it here, although I haven't tried any of it.

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What about chainloading PLoP from Grub, loading the ISO or floppy into memory, then chainloading back into Grub from PLoP?

That's what I said. Except I tried that before without removing and reinserting the flash drive while loaded into PLoP and it didn't find a USB device to boot from, which I think is because it saw the flash drive as a HDD. I'll test it and post what happens.

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