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I have an Acer Aspire One, and I love it. One thing to look out for is that if you live in Canada by chance, the one I got ended up being a Canadian Multilingual with a fucked up keyboard, and it was extremely hard to type on. There might also be other keyboard for different countries roaming around, so watch out. I know at least for the AA1, you can buy a brand new US keyboard for the laptop for about $10, and they are very easy to replace.

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I have Asus EEE 900 and 901.

901 is close to perfect. Small, fast, long battery life. After putting there nlite'ed Win XP it works flawlessly.

There are few things I would like in it or any other netbook (this is why I look around for new one)

  • Atheros Wifi Chipset (900 has atheros, but 901 runs on relatek)
  • touchscreen
  • ION chipset <- I'm really looking forward to this.

Apart above - there is nothing bad I could say about it. I have 36GB of storage - it's enough (if netbook isn't your only machine)

Also if you into looks - check Seashell series. Looks nice.

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