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okay topic known is psp why cfw to play iso/ cso games i want to know if any one can do what couldn't. convert a iso/cso file to .drm file which is used for psp demos i have done the process but my problem is the boot me and the other .drm file so i was wondering could any of you hackers can do it. and another is changeing the iso into a flash game where you run of the explorer and the root through the psp it working on a game but the problem was the flash player that the psp has isn't strong enough for the graphics so another mission to tackle thanx for reading and take action

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CFW is needed because, if i remember correctly, you need to install a program/patch called umdemulator that lets you run a UMD copy (ISO) on you psp without actually having the UMD version of it.

sorry if any of thats incorrect, its been a a long time since i needed to describe or even install anything like this.

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