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Hotmail sucks!


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I'm sorry, I just had to say this some where.

Hotmail sucks, you know why? Well heres why! If you try to send an email you have to enter a bot prevention code! What kind of craptastic web based email system punishes there users becasue they don't know how to control the spam them selfs?!?! How can there users not get pissed off with service as crappy as this?! Then they get spam any way becasue they don't get any spam filters!!

I was watching Stephen Flemyng use his hotmail acount when I noticed this, I have never and will never have a hotmail acount, I am just amazed how poeple pcan put up with this crap!

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Eh companies get too lazy with security - save money perhaps

So they shift the onus of blame/protection to the consumer and have governments write laws to jail people who annoy them - that's the way the world works ATM the corporation is king!

I mean for gods sake look at the state of the UK with biofuels a total joke

Oh and theres a movie out today in the USA who killed the electric car - but looks like it's all corporate spin with the help of Sony (time to pay your taxes Sony! LMAO)

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I agree with you hotmail does suck. I used to use it, but got so sick of spam going to my inbox and emails from my friends and contacts going to the junk box. I got a gmail account, but still wasn't satasfied that I used my hotmail for messenger so I got a .net account for my gmail account and now I have nothing to do with hotmail.

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CAPTCHAs are used to prevent bots from using various types of computing services. Applications include preventing bots from taking part in online polls, registering for free email accounts (which may then be used to send spam), and, more recently, preventing bot-generated spam by requiring that the (unrecognized) sender pass a CAPTCHA test before the email message is delivered.

can u say inefective or useless ?

i still have a program that can auto generate yahoo adresses to use as bots ...

(not that i'd do that .... but i have tryed the program out and reated a botlist wich ive lost ...

but hey everyone's been a yahoo booter innit ? ....

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