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Hi guys,

Im a big fan of what you guys are doing. Love the stuff and playmindedness..is that a word? hmm nvm, I was however kinda disappointed to see you didnt have that polo for sale in the shop, i realize you are just trying out diffrent merchandise, but let it loose i say ;)

hi54hak5 :)

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Hey FreeRunner,

Yea we are thinking about adding some more stuff this season, but it will take a while to work out all the details. Keep checking!

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LOL - my friend and I were talking about that last night - making premade multipass'es, making a user manual, and selling them.

Same here, only problem is it might (read would) come back to bite you in the ass when somebody is caught fucking with the computers at your school and they instantly give up your name :/

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You could always have them sign a disclaimer that you aren't responsible for what they do. :P

I doubt any school would care at all about a "disclaimer" and would without a doubt report you to the police as a hacker, especially if any real damage was done to the computer.

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Doubt anyone would have a problem with this... the same reason why people can't go after lophtcrack or backtrack.

You get caught breaking the law, you get in trouble, not the people who you bought the tools from.

Gun shops don't get charged with murder (most of the time) :).

School systems are quite oblivious to the way this whole justice system works. If they say you did it, you did it... Even if I could turn it against them by going to court, my parents and everyone at school would know and see me as the server cracking, virus spreading, hacker that we all are... <_<

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