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Weak Wireless Signal

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Hey all,

Got my Pineapple in the mail yesterday. I plan to build my own soon but I've got a pen test project coming up in the next few days and this will be a good object lesson for the office workers at our client site. Great job on this project Darren!

That being said, my first observation about the Fonera was the very weak signal. I'd say that if it gets beyond a couple of feet from my system it's no longer picked up. I played around a bit with the settings in OpenWRT installed to no avail. I'm going to try it again from home this evening where there's less a chance for wireless interference, but my feeling is that I'll have the same results. Any suggestions? It's quite possible that I've simply misconfigured it or done something stupid, but I haven't really done much of anything except for troubleshooting after the fact.


David H.

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As a follow-up, the TX power was set for 0dbm so I bumped it up to 8. I do have a better range now, but I had assumed that this was a gain setting over the normal output and would not be needed. Did anyone else out there have to adjust this?

Also, although the antenna is wired to the Antenna 2 connector on the circuit board, I get better results when I set it for Antenna 1 in the gui.


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