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Programs to hide IP


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Did I alredy explain this to you like 3 times? There are no programs that can 'hide' your internet IP address. There are pay for proxys which will router all your trafic for you, but thats as far as you can go. How do you expect servers to beable to get packets to you with out the server knowing your IP address?

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Not to call you an IDIOT or anything.. but.. SEARCH GOOGLE!

There is a great program out that you can configure to use a specified proxy when your computer attempts to use a certain port. I forgot the name but I believe it was called socket something. This is great because it's not hard to find a game's defualt port and then you can only use a proxy when that game is going online. THis way you won't slow down other things. If you just want to use a proxy for web browsing i suggest using one of the two and a half million sites that you can find with a simple "proxy" search in google.

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