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NAS... Hardware and Software with Cloud backup


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I'm wanting to build a custom NAS box, both the hardware and software.

As far as hardware goes, I'd like to have a 20x2, or 20x4 LCD in the front displaying stats, not sure about other hardware "mod" ideas...

As far as software goes, what I want is the NAS for home usage and I also want it to have redundancy (aka RAID5 i guess) and also want it to have cloud backup (so that if the house burns down i've still got my files)

Now the NAS will be for:

- File Storage/Sharing (Will backup some of this to the cloud - not sure on size, but not alot)

- Photos (probably a mirror of my Lightroom Library from my Desktop) (Will backup some of this to the cloud - 30GB or so atm, but growing fairly quickly as my RAW photos are 10-15MB per photo, so a weekend shoot can yield several GBs)

- Media (movies) (probably won't backup this to the cloud, can just buy the DVDs again and re-rip if the house burns down)

- Podcasts (Video Podcasts mainly) (probably won't backup this to the cloud, can just re-download these if the house burns down)

But of that I probably only really need to backup the photos and general files to the cloud backup, the rest can be either re-downloaded or new dvd's bought and re-ripped if the worst was to happen...

Now I've been thinking to be able to have the cloud backup i probably need to build a custom NAS (linux based), so I was thinking probably a low power Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX board that has a enough SATA ports (4 minimum, 6 ideal) and use linux based software RAID so that I'm not locked to a particular RAID card...

Now as far as cloud backup goes, Carbonite looked good until I found that it doesn't support Linux (well as far as i could find) and thats the case with most of the online backup providers, esp the ones that have reasonably priced unlimited storage...

So today I was thinking maybe I should be looking at a DIY cloud backup, maybe using a regular webhost, and storing the files in the non-public directories on the website (so not in public_html) but the issue i thought with that, was if i was to have a major issue (house burning down, NAS failing completely, etc) that requires me to do a full restore then the only option i would have would be to download the entire files from the host, so chewing through alot of bandwidth (though I do have ADSL2+ but only 40GB download limit with Internode, and I'll probably have alot more than that).

So tonight I got thinking maybe another option is to build two of the Custom NAS's and approach the local ISP/Web Hosting/Web Dev company that are in town and see if I could co-locate one of my NAS's there and pay for bandwidth to it, (wouldn't need to have huge amounts as it would be only a incremental backup as I would do the initial backup at home to save a massive initial upload) and that way if the house was to burn down, etc I could just go to the company and grab my other NAS and then copy all the files back easily without having to use the Internet...

Now, before anyone suggests it, I don't have the option of:

- Using an external USB drive and storing it off-site, I don't have anywhere to safely store it, (can't store it at work) and also don't like that method as that relies on me having to manually switch drives regularly and take off-site... so prone for me to forget...

- The other option that's not suitable for me, is having a friend's house that I can setup the other NAS and Rsync it to... I don't have any friends close enough to do this with, and my parents only have Next G broadband, so they only have a 10GB cap with both up and downloads metered so thats not an option...

But I'm open to suggestions, maybe someone here has already done something similar...?

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If your concern is about best cloud backup service option for LINUX system then my suggestion would be MyPCBackup as it is good for Linux based OS and on the other hand it is cheaper from the rest options available in the market. It also offers unlimited cloud backup with fast and military grade encryption mechanism. External drive isn’t a reliable solution, I believe. So opting a reliable cloud backup provider is something that can be beneficial for you in all the cases.

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I'd instead recommend CrashPlan. Darren uses it. I use it. Check them out. They are also unlimited, and also have ridic encryption.


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