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WAMP/LAMP in a virtual box?


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Hi All,

im just wandering if anyone has found or knows of a WAMP/LAMP Virtual box, all am after is a virtual box with a WAMP (http://www.wampserver.com/en/) like application, i just just install WAMP on my computer and point my NS server at everydns.net and then point the A records to my computer, however i currently have Trixbox in a virtual box on my computer which runs my phone system and i would kinda like to replicate that so i could have another virtual box running Apache, MySQL, PHP, but so that i can edit the apache config files etc.

or could some one point me in the direction of an application that i can install in virtual box to do what i want.

also on the same subject, i would like to have a very simple email server running in Virtual box on my computer, does any one have any ideas ?

Many Thanks

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Uhm... install your favorite distro of linux on your VM, install apache, install mysql, install php, edit the configs properly and you're set. As for mail server, I dunno I've never set one of those up before but I'm guessing it's the same process.

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Or, you could just use a portable version on your main machine or a VM. There are many portable versions and quite a few are cross platform and released under the GPL. I use MicroApache+PHP (because I'm interested in learning PHP) which is only 2.41MB unzipped but there's many vaiations of MicroApache, check out the site for all of them. I haven't tried any of the other ones but you can find some here but I'm sure there are MANY more. They require no installation and you can configure it however you want. If you mess it up real bad, just unzip the file again and you restart fresh :)


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