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Nintendo DS DeAuth Mod


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I would be considered a noob when it comes to hacking or moding anything. I was looking around and could not fine any good site describing what needs to be done to get your DS to send out the DeAuth packets. So for the DS Mod for the packet DeAuth, here are my questions:

What is physically need to make this happen besides the DS?

Will this Mod make the DS stop functioning as a DS?

Where do you get the program(code) for this mod?

What is the average cost for this mod?

Thanks for all the responses

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You need a flash cartridge for your DS, it will play homebrew games as well as nds backup games.(flash cartridges are like official ds games, except the ds cartridge has a slot for a micro sd card which you copy the homebrew and backups to) They start at $7 if you look at the right places. It will not effect your DS in any other way. You can google "aircrack nds" or something like that to find the .nds file that you put on the flash cartridge. I don't think it will work with the DSi and I'm not sure if it was intended for DS Phat or DS Lite, or if they have diff wireless hardware so someone else will have to fill you in on that.

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The code would need to be recompiled if it needed to be run on the DSi.

I doubt that the current dswifi libraries are compatible with the DSi at the moment, but nothing runs in DSi mode anyway. Not sure if it would work in DS mode.

Binaries are here: http://scenefiles.free.fr/aireplaynds/AireplayNDS_EB.rar

Source isn't included unfortunately. Should work fine for most of the DS Lites. (I think theres a revision of DS Lites that don't play along with this)

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