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I spent some time making ubuntu my own all the way down from the Alt. install, now I would like to make an iso of the way I made things so I could quickly get back to it in case I fuck something up (like always). I tested Reconstructor, but it seems to want me to customize WITHIN the app & it didn't make the iso for some reason...Do I need Clonezilla or something? I know about "dd" but that would do the entire HDD which is...kinda big...Any help is much appreciated!

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So this last code zeros the empty space?

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/delete.me bs=8M; rm delete.me

Doing the "dd" method means only restoring for my computer? The extention ".img" is used for usb installers, so there could be a way to get an iso from that or just convert the usb into an iso? The Clonezilla seems cool, would like to do this without burning a new cd. Sorry if I'm asking too much, just really get this copy/backup accomplished.

Thanks for the help guys!

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