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WinXP shortcut, current dir


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Ok, so I've got all these different apps on my flashdrive that I would like to make links to on the root of the device so I won't have to go through all the files that they're separated into. The problem is that my flash drive won't always have the same drive letter, which means a shortcut to the file "E:\apps\firefoxportable\firefoxportable.exe" won't always work on another system because the flash drive might show up as "F:" or something. I've googled for the longest time trying to find someway of making a shortcut that can take the current directory as a variable in the path to the file but I've found nothing. Using "." doesn't work, nor does changing target path to something like "apps\firefoxportable\firefoxportable.exe" when the link file is placed in the root of the drive. Has anybody else got any ideas about how I might be able to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

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Yeah, I was thinking about either a batch file or assigning a constant drive letter, but most of the time I won't have access to cmd and the school computers use deepfreeze so any changes are wiped on reboot. Although I can easily get around both of these problems, I'd rather not have to do it to every single computer I need to use my flash drive on. I think I'll go with PStart Portable, it looks like exactly what I need. Thanks for the input.

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