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Hak 5 intro animations


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Hey Hak5 and fans. I am starting a podcast at work and was wondering how you made the various intro animations for your show. They look really good, and I want to make this a quality podcast. I have some killer techno music that I made up for it, but I just need help with the animation. The podcast is directed at students at a university.


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Eden Soto does most of that work for Revision 3 and did the latest intro for Hak5. You can see her website here - http://www.edensoto.com/. There may be some information as to the tools she uses but I have to tell you that she's *really* good so trying to duplicate her work will be pretty hard.

Nice to see that you want to emulate one of the best!

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It's the whole field of motion graphics, which according to my girlfriend the film major is "Really hard."

Perhaps try searching for some motion graphics how-tos on google and see if you get anything useful, seems to me like you basically have to have the ability to do 10 or 20 different manipulations, then it's up to you to be creative with it.

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