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Get a list of educational papers/articles on college website


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I've been searching for netadmin and security articles and have come across some US college sites which have some interesting articles, aimed at students on their courses. I tend to use wget.exe and would be grateful for advice about getting an index page.

Imagine that the URL for a paper is http://college.edu/tutor/paper.pdf. I tried wgetting http://college.edu/tutor/index.html and http://college.edu/tutor as well as several other variations and nothing brings up any sort of index. Needless to say, I've googled <site:college.edu/tutor> but that hasn't brought up any useful links either. I just wonder if the tutor's pages aren't indexed by google.

Is there any easy way of interrogating the site(s) to get a list of resources available for download?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, if these "tutor" links are publicly linked on the site, then why not follo wthem in yoru browser? Or are you trying to find these sorts of links?

What exactly are you looking for, because your google search may be lacking key information for make your search successful. Give me the link to one of these schools you want to search.

Try these searches:





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