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NetResident PromiSwitch Setup


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Hey I got some useful info from this board (vector) about this program. However I'm having trouble getting the other wireless clients to show up in "Party A" in NetResident. I'm using Promiswitch, I selected the other IPs but I still can only see my traffic. Is it because I'm using the trail version, it's like netresident and promiswitch aren't talking to each other. I googled the hell out of the topic and couldn't find it other wise I wouldn't be asking for help. any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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what are you trying to do in the end ? just network monitor ? I would start with NTOP also snort ..they even have ntop for windows its not free I dont think but ...

Ill bet you snort/ntop on a router can do anything thos two apps can .. maybe even without custom pugins etc ..

I would also check out NetworkMiner type of apps I know they have free ones out there to recompile pages etc ..

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