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Vintage (1990s) Internet Video & IPTV


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Some of you might know that I run the IPTV Archive and likewise I am looking for certain iptv videos. However as opposed to the common vidcasts of today, I am looking for the rough-around-the-edges internet video stuff from the 1990's. Stuff that people got off of Napster and exchanged by sneakernet. I was reminded of this scene when looking through the Hak5 Documentary posted a few days ago which redirected me to the "Story of Hak5" special from the Hak5 Best of DVD.

So ultimately, this is me asking if anyone has any of these types of videos. I'm looking for anything from the era, the stuff that was vidcasting before there was vidcasting. Think like Captain Immy, and even maybe like Hack Productions to a lesser extent. I'm not sure if that was ever released online, but it has a similar feel.

I have already located some of the Captain Immy videos on youtube,

The Cleatus and Jimmy Show

I know that another video, entitled Pornokombat is out there somewhere, and I'm looking for other Captain Immy/LMSDC/LickMySweaty content.

The clips in question that reminded me,


Thanks for reading,


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