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/etc directory gone on my Arch server..


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It's just gone. I used SSHFS to mount my arch partition. I decided the regenerate my SSH keys so I wouldnt have to provide a password whenever logging in. I deleted the id_rsa files using Thunar. Next thing i know, the /etc folder is totally gone, nowhere to be seen. I check the Thunar wastebucket, and its not there either..


I'm asking this, but know the answer anyways. Wipe, reinstall, and learn from it.

Okay. Any advice for my future install? Il start it tomorrow, too tired tonight.

I've read that seperate partitions for both /etc and /home is good. My last setup was just swap and the arch install, making backups daunting as hell.

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Woow. Okay, using "find", then piping that and greping for "passwd", i noticed a /etc directory inside the boot folder. Is there meant to be one there? Maybe an accidental swipe of the touchpad and I dragged it into the boot folder.. Fingers crossed..

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