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Laptop screen cleaning

Mad Pierre

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What do you use. I've just polished my matt screen with Auto Glem car polish. came out ok. looks like new - lol

Not sure I'd go that far. Mine are glossy screens so I use a microfiber towel. If they get real bad I use a water/alcohol mix to cut the grime.

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I buy the clothes used for cleaning eye glasses. Its a really soft small fiber rag that you can clean a screen without any cleaners and works great on my camera lens as well. Also, a small bristle brush to get the dust out of the edges, but no liquids whatsoever.

I watched someone try to use a dust can of air at work once, and it stained the screen with a big spot that won't come off. Another person tried the windex route but instead with alchohol. He ended up killing a few pixels, and now that one monitor has pink lines down the center of the screen where he burnt them out from drips that got down into the ribbon.

All in all, I'd say a soft cloth, and no liquids(or car polish) of any kind.

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geeze man, these people that killed their screens with alcohol and windex... what did they do soak the cloth in a bucket first and then let it drip all in the corners?!

There are many small layers in an lcd screen, and a plastic cover to boot on the outside.

I have always used watered down alcohol, soaked into either a really soft cloth or tissue, squeezed the excess out, and then just cleaned as needed. I have been doing this for years on my and my wife\'s LCD screens, a dell laptop, and my laptop, and have never once messed anything up. My laptop has a glossy screen, and is still whistley clean :P

dunno if I would use car polish though....

oh and btw--

I watched someone try to use a dust can of air at work once paulsonfail.jpg

(lol, sry digip, but that guy was stupid.. and your avat. was the first fail pic I saw :P probably froze the liquid in the screen, and when that happened the components of the liquid crystal probably separated, thus screwing the screen completely..)

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No. it been scratched in the pass by myself. with 80grit paper. yes. I was onine while doing a little D.I.Y. and well ermm marked my laptop at the edge of the screen. hence car polish to try to remove it.

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