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Help with a mod part..


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Hey there...i came across this item on ebay...a small lcd, which are always handy for different projects.

Problem is this guy selling has NFI what this thing does or whether it accepts input from composite or whatever...

Ebay Item

Can anyone help with information on this thing?

It looks like there might be an input at one end but he doesn't make this clear...the part number is given but google returns a plethora of OMFG results...


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If I had to guess, I'd say it's a digital camera part and will not accept composite. Chances are, you'll need a controller designed for this particular LCD (or series of LCDs) which provides the appropriate digital signals to make it work.

Edit: Could be the same type of LCD used in the Epson PhotoPC 3xxx series of camera.

Edit2: Fits the rear profile of those cameras, so probably is the LCD used in them:


Edit3: Connectors seem to be 23(?) pin ribbon style for data input, 2 pin backlight power.

Edit4: Those cameras were out in 2000, so the controller would likely be pre-2000, which should narrow down the search somewhat. Whether it has a controller or requires an external one I don't know.

Edit5: If these cameras (or LCDs) work via an Epson controller with a built in camera controller, I can't find it. The controllers with camera integration seem to stop at 2MP, the 3xxx series were 3MP. It seems to either use a controller without direct camera support or a non-Epson controller. That said, since the LCD and camera were made by Epson and they also produce controllers, I'd expect the controller to also be an Epson part.

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