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The fully functional xbox 360 bot


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I have disassemble a wireless xbox 360 controller and intend on using digital switches(transistors), a micro controller(teensy++), and a digital potentiometer(as5206BN10) to create a fully functional xbox 360 bot.

As far as I know, I may be the first to attempt this idea. Although I have seen 2 similar attempts online, such as: an guitar hero bot which only utilized 5 buttons, and another bot which pressed the button.

The purpose of this bot as of now is to ban, yes ban, xbox live accounts. I am not currently releasing the method of how I am going ban accounts to the public. Maybe at a later date I will give the bot a more meaningful assignment, perhaps a game bot. If all goes well, this seems more than like.

Currently I have desoldered the left and right bumper, left and right triggers, and next will be the left and right thumb sticks. I will then replace the 15 total buttons with transistors and the 6 potentiometers with digital ones.

I still have to order the micro controller and digital potentiometer online. Probably friday of next week (Pay Day).

This project will be programed with the arduino software.

On another note, I am not sure how I will be able to get an input of the 4 leds on the controller or the 2 rumble motors. Post ideas plz.

Tell me what you think, post your opinions, etc.

Link to more information below, will post pics later.






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You might want to pay attention to which version of controller you have. Not all controllers are designed the same way, and the schematics your working from are from a pretty old post @ xbox scene. Good luck on your project. I'm not sure if I back your bot assignment. I think making a gaming bot would be more ethical. I am curious of your method for banning, but ill just ponder.


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The online schematic was just an example. I can clearly see the plus and minus of the buttons and pots just by looking at the controller circuit board, but if all else fails I also picked up a multimeter at radio shack.

As for ethics, xbox gaming is full of cheating. It is hard to find a ranked halo 3 match where someone doesn't lag cheat. DDOSing is another large influence on xbox live and phishing attempts, offering free membership and microsoft point, are rampant. Not to mentions the numerous pros' accounts "hacked." I thought you would have been aware of this, since you are an "XBOX 360 OWNER."

Also, yesterday I found a game on xbox live marketplace to calibrate your television and xbox 360 controller. This should help a great amount in the development of this bot. Not to mention that it was only 200 microsoft points.

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