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How to install windows xp over the network?


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How many machines? Are you doing a corporate deployment within a domain? If so, you need to read the Microsoft Technet white papers on Windows Deployment Services, Windows Automated Installation Kit and the Deployment Toolkit 2008. All are free if you already have the Windows environment in place.

If you are doing this for a much smaller network, then you can make an image and capture it with tools like Norton Ghost or Acronis Snap Deploy. Open source stuff would be using things like Clonezilla or Fog.

I've used Ghost, dd, winpe2+imagex, WDS and ZENworks myself, and I have to say that Microsofts tool chain is probally the best one. Easy to setup, easy to use and a ton of documentation. For personal use I would use imagex to capture an image and Tftpd32 to deploy WinPE2, then imagex again to deploy the image from a network drive.

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I use tftpd, then use pxelinux (part of isolinux). THe config files are quite similar to the thumb drive thing they did a little while back.

Example 1

A better example

I used these sites as a guide to create mine.

Also google search for "winpe + pxe" since using a bootable os like that makes it easier to do multiple os installs. Liike having xp linux and win7 all in one pxe server. I hope that helps, this is a slick way to install os's for pc repair, which is my main use for this.

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