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Alfa Network 500mW USB 802.11N Wireless-N LAN Adapter ?


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/*Now first of, id like to apologize if this is in the wrong section, but since there aren't exactly clear guidelines where i think this fits, i thought I'd put it here */

Since my primary computer (Windoze XP) Has been reduced to a state of constant wireless reconnects, broken downloads & BAD_POOL_CALLER BsoD's, i thought I'd buy myself a shiny new Wi-Fi N thingy.. Now there are many choices out there, So I'd love to hear your thoughts on some of them ?

They should A) Be Draft-N compatible, and B) Linux-hacking goodness compatible too ..

(IE use a known good for Wi-Fi security chipset(IE For Aircrack))

Now im mainly looking at the Alfa Network 500mW USB 802.11N Wireless-N LAN Adapter (not sure of the chipset.. I think Darren mentioned something about the G only model to be Atheros, but AFAIK the N model is either RTL8187 chipset or Ralink RT2770F), But im also interested in the DLink DWA-556 (Apparently Atheros,though somewhat unsupported under Linux/madwifi)...

Anyone got some experience with these two cards ?

<Computer went down with a BsoD here... Thanks to Firefox for recovering my text>

The problem is that my current Wi-Fi adapter (A ZyXEL G-260 G only, usb thingy with a ZyAir ZD1211 chipset) not only is incredibly shitty, its not really supported under Linux, and the driver has decided to go totally wack &The device heats up very quicly.. Had to remove part of the cover to make it not burn out... It was bad enough when it randomly D/C'ed me, but now it D/C's me about every 10minutes, and my computer BsoD's at about every tenth D/C ... I can literally watch how the icon changes to Disconneted, then goes to connecting, and the second it goes to connected i get a Bsod .. Oh yeah, and the latest driver is from 2006.. and I've tried switching, reinstalling etc.. Sorry for the long rant, but my uptime is somewhat limited.. :-S

So what would you guys recommend that i get as a replacement ?

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From what I have read the N version does not get as good of a signal then the G version. The G is cheaper just go for that. I'm not even sure if the N capability would actually make much of a difference other then connection speed.

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Well, thing is that the adapter im currently using was fairly high end when it was bought, but now (3years later) its obsolete, and dosnt work as it should anymore ...I don't really wanna end up buying 2 different adapters(one for normal use, and one for hacking,seeing that they both would be obsolete very quickly),

i consider it more of a waste ^^

And besides : Considering the Danish prices for wifi stuff, the Alfa is a Cheapo kit.. Its about 65 dollars shipped from Hong Kong, Whereas if i was to buy FX the Dlink adpater, it would cost me almost 100Dollars in a Danish store, without shipping... Has anyone got any actual side by side test or tried any of the two hands on ? I know Darren played around with one of them on one of the segments .. Anyone care to share some experience with them ? -Oh yeah, and im currently balanced towards the N version due to N being the new standard, in pretty much all new devices around here, And while they are Still G compatible, N provides better range too .

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I have 3 wireless cards. 1 internal, and two external. Depending on what you need, you can get an all in 1 that filsl the bill, but some cards are better at speed, distance and montiroing that other cards. Just buy one that does what you need, price should not be an issue since most of these cards are cheap enough these days you can get 2 or 3 for the price you might have paid for 1 a few years ago. Just look online for deals, like new egg and such.

One thing to be sure to do first though, is check any HCL's before buying it, just to be safe. You don't want to buy a wireless N card, and then try and use it with something Back Track, only to find out its not supported for all the functions you want in it, like wep cracking, injection and monitor mode.

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Problem is that the wireless prices in Denmark have stayed high up, and things like newegg (wich is totally awesome BTW) arent a viable option, since it ships from America, Resulting in tax beeing applied

(30% of whatever i bought it for, and 30% of the shipping fees+ 150 DKK (about 30bucks) just as handling fee ! )

Personally i gotta admit that i dont care soo much for speed, since all the cards pretty much offer a Decent speed .. (from G on and upwards) im mainly looking for N due to it having a better range than G ^^

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I know Dx, have been getting stuff from there for a while now.. But a) i don't think any of those use any chipset useful to packet injection etc, or is compatible with Linux in any way ;)

Guess i'll be going for the Alfa N version then.. can always try to return it if it sucks too bad :)

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Yeah, though questions have been raised to if they are B or L versions.. Seeing that there's a difference in quality, and the fact that you always should be careful with DX's products, don't really make me comfortable buying Something like a vital pc component from them.. At the very best it works as advertised, at the very worst it melts your pc.. :/

Besides : The only few N versions i could find cost only about 5dollars less than a Alfa N version, so i might aswell "play it safe" and get the alfa, which is known to have a L chip :)

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