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While working on the USB multipass for the last couple of days I decided to get all the tools I need, might need, could use, and don't usually have all on my flash drive as well. It's about time for school to start back up again too and many of these tools/apps I'll be using at school almost on a daily basis. I was wondering what you all carry around with you that comes in handy often and what you use the different things for. Link to the sites of your different tools if you could please (unless it's already linked in a previous thread, of course).

My list:




>>FreeDOS (Floppy img)


>>"NTLDR Missing" fix


>>(TRK and WinXP install soon to come, hopefully...)

KillBox - Delete in-use files, delete-on-reboot, kill processes, etc.

System Information for Windows - Self Explanatory

PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client for Windows

Nmap - "Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Hacking"Angry IP Scanner - IP/Port scanner

NetCat - "TCP/IP Swiss Army Knife"

KeePass Portable - Open source password manager

MicroApache+PHP - "A Portable, USB-Drive-Friendly, Micro-Sized Apache Server for Windows"


>>Command Prompt Portable - Right-click + Run As = cmd in restricted account ;)

>>WinMD5Sum Portable - Compare MD5 sums

>>Sudoku Portable - Bored?

>>Wireshark Portable - Network Protocol Analyzer

>>WinMerge Portable - File differencing and merging

>>Notepad++ Portable - text editor, syntax highlighter, etc.

>>Mozilla Firefox Portable - Firefox Portable...

>>Don't Panic! Portable (Dev Test) - Hide Program windows based on blacklist, title, and more with the click of a button

>>7-Zip Portable - Open source file [un]archiver

Sysinternals Utilities:

>>Contig - Single-file defragmenter (Good for flash drives)

>>Process Explorer - Process viewer plus much more

>>ShareEnum - Network file share scanner

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Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop x86 Live

<< Back | Track 3 Live

Windows PE 3.0


Darik's Boot And Nuke

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor



7-Zip Portable

Free Download Manager (Portable)

KeePass 2.08 Portable (trying out)

Opera@USB 9.64

PuTTY Portable

Treesize Free

winMD5sum Portable


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On my 16GB I have:

7Zip Portable

ATF Cleaner (No need to install - standalone exe)

Audacity Portable

Bubble Snooker (Game copied from game collection)

MS Calculator


MS Character Map

Cheat Engine (Various files copied and deleted)

Clean My Registry (Installed on USB Drive)


CPU Z (Installer file extracted using Universal Extractor)

Crush (No-install free game Download)

Disk Detective (No-install disk space analysis tool)

File Shredder (Can't remember where I got it...)

FLV Converter Portable (Great Tool - Download)

Glary Utilities Portable

HandBrake (Installer file extracted using Universal Extractor - Movie ripper)


Hyper Cam (Installation Folder Copied)

ICoFX Portable

Infra Recorder Portable

Mario Forever (Install Folder Copied - Great Classic Game)

Windows Movie Maker

MS Notepad

Notepad++ Portable

MS Paint

Pidgin Portable

Windows Pinball


Portable Apps Menu

Rip Edit Burn Plus Trial (Installer extracted using Universal Extractor)

Task Killer (Installation Folder Copied)

Universal Extractor (Installation Folder Copied)

uTorrent Portable

Virtual Dub Portable

VLC Portable

Wise Disk/Registry Cleaner (Installer extracted using Universal Extractor)

MS Word Pad

YCopy (Installation Folder Copied)

See PortableApps.com for more

My 1GB Drive has switchbalde installed

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