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FUBAR System


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Hi all, I have a problem that I think you may be able to help me with. I am currently fixing a Dell XPS desktop for a friend and I am stumped. I have tried to use TRK to scan the System and that did not work it couldn't find TRK on my CD, after booting into It, weird. Then I tried the reinstall XP home CD that came with the PC and after loading all its files it simply gave me a BSOD. Then I tried my last resort method and popped in a DBAN Cd and tried both AutoNuke and The DOD standard, both just told me that it had finished with No fatal Errors and that that could be caused by a corrupted disk. So I then went into the boot options and ran a hard drive scan which passed the drive. Then I tried using a Kill Disk CD again to no avail. At this point I just want to wipe the drive and reinstall windows but whatever has hold of this PC is a bitch, Any suggestions? I can provide more info if Necessary. thank you.

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Try changing the 'drive mode' in the BIOS. This could be called any number of things including 'operating mode' 'disk emulations' and things along those lines. This option should have two (possibly more) options, one called some thing like HCID (that's probably not right) and SATA. Change it to SATA.

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I checked and it is set as SATA. Also I should note that I can boot into both user accounts but the av is disabled, many services fail when I log in and all admin privileges are blocked. Thanks for the help and even after wiping those times the existing install is still there WTF.

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