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Macbook and Linux


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So basically I'm looking for a 12-14 inch laptop for under $1200 thats debian friendly. Something I'm not going to have to do a lot of work to make everything work on it. I am pretty much done with Dell. I ordered 2 completely different laptops from them and they simply kept delaying my order for weeks. I originally ordered a xps from them May 27th. Thats how long they have been effing me over. So anyways, I'm on the prowl for a laptop from a different manufactuer that's linux friendly. I don't generally like HP just because I think the quality of thier laptops is cheap and too shiny. I was looking at Sony's Vaio cs and sr series. But I don't know exactly how nice they play with linux. After looking at hp's, acer's, sony's, gateway's, toshiba's, etc and not really likeing any of them. It suddenly hit me... Why don't I get a MacBook? the $999 macbook is in my price range, small like I want and the quality is exceptional on them. So my question is, how do they run with Ubuntu or Mint on them? I'll prob dual boot OSX and Mint and mainly use mint. I'm a complete newb when it comes too macs so. Any insight I can get will be much appreciated! That or any recomendations for laptops would be helpful too!

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well.. are you looking for a mac??? If not, go get a compaq cq50-215nr like I have. It's $350, sleek, fast, built fairly well, and runs perfectly with any linux with a newer kernel. Only draw back is it gets hot... But it's an AMD proc. and an Nvidia video chipset, so what do you expect? :P

It only has to be a Mac Book if your looking for uppity cracker cred. (or if you want OSX)

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