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Best Spyware/Virus/Rootkit/everything Scanner?


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I'm doing some tech support for someone and their system is pretty fucked up. He removed the virus causing it to crash on his own but there is a significant amount of spyware and shit slowing it down still. I ran Trinity but it turned up empty handed. I need something that will sweep the widest possible range of malware possible. Thanks.

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The first time I was told to reformat I thought they were crazy, but...

It really is the ONLY way to ensure your pc is clean, when a computer get "fucked" it really does need wiped.

I can say that there are ways to get it working again without reformatting/installing but I can also say that it will NOT be clean and you WILL have problems again.

It may sound like a pain but most of the time reinstalling is faster than attempting to fix a fucked machine....

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Format, reinstall. Once you get everything you want on it, image the entire disk, MBR and all, and acrhive it somewhere, preferably not on the same hdd you imaged, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's so much easier and makes you feel better knowing that if you really have to, all you have to do is "dd if=hdd.img of=/dev/sda" or whatever floats your boat.

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