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It takes an Englishman to do this... and get caught!


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Thats old, from 2002, and I think he ended up going to jail. If its the same guy, I think he did it over dial up too.

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Its Gary Mckinnon. He has been in the news for the past few weeks. He lost his case and his appeal to extradition to America. Its obvious they are just going to make an example of him.


Its stupid that the US can just extradite anyone they want from the UK. For once the conservative party are coming in handy with their Labour bashing. They are on Gary's side and blaming Gordon Brown and the Home Secretary which is getting it in the media.

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Its the american governments fault. Apparently he just tried the default admin passwords.

Its one thing to have supposed "default" passwords, it another thing that they guy used them in the first place. I understand he has a disorder, but I think if anything it makes him more inteligent since he is basically a high funtioning autistic. In otherwords, hes smart like Rain Man, only, he can function like the rest of us. They are making him out to be this poor man who has this disorder, but he doesn't have it like some who can't speak or walk. Hes a damn braniac for christ sake, and borderline OCD, not retarded or an invalid. I'm sure he knows what he did was wrong...

Still, he should get a slap on the wrist, a tour of the whitehouse, and sent on his way. Other hackers have done worse and gotten off with nothing. The man is not a threat to international or US security, but maybe a house arrest in the UK with restricted access to the internet would better suit him. Hell, give the guy a job a NASA if thats what he really is interested in. If he can hack into the government over dial up from the UK, he may be smart enough to work at NASA.

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For years they tried to tell me that I was autistic.

But on topic, I dont think he is a threat to national security, and they are just making an example out of him.

Hell, they should just hire him.

Thats what I am saying...

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