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R4 for Nitendo DS


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For anyone who doesn't its a piece of hard that fits into the DC cartidge and then you can plug in a microSD card then run games that you downloaded on to it or homebrew apps, web browser, irc and others


There are other similar cards that do the same job sometimes more things depending on the card like this site.


Was wondering if anyone on the boards has one of these R4s? Whats their thoughts or experiences with it?

Its €25 from shop down the street from my work just spotted it today with 4gb microSD for €25(expensive but if it comes with preloaded games might get it)

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I have an R4 card. It's been fine for all the time I've had it, about a year. Beware that they apparently don't work in the new DS is it DSi?

Also they sometimes, although sounds like the one in the shop is already setup, don't come with the software and you'll get a version that won't work with the card. I got my nephew one, but it was a R4 high capacity. Meaning, if I remember right, it could take more than 4GB memory cards. However, the software I had and downloaded just didn't work. I searched the net and there were posts everywhere that they are rip off versions, fake clones. Got hold of the ebay seller and complained. He assured us it worked and was legit. Gave us a link to another version of the software and that finally worked.

So yeah, they are good. Go for it, although unless the games on it our free, they are selling it illegally if it has preloaded games on. But that's their problem, don't think its yours, you can always claim ignorance :)

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yeah defo thinking of going for it, thanks for opinions on it.

You guys got any good home brew apps for it?

I got original DS that has gotten any loving in a long time so I think it'll be worth it

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I have a CycloDS and I loves it!

FYI The original R4 does not support SDHC which means that it cannot handle capacities larger than 2 gigabytes. 3rd parties have taken the original R4 and made special SDHC compatible R4s but because the card is so old, lots of advancements have been made in the AceKard, CycloDS and other like cards.

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Alot of great suggestions in here,, saw that R4s online were so cheap online so will get online instead of in shop but might go for acekard 2 as its the homebrew stuff aswell I want.

Ty for all the info and opinions

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Depends on how much your willing to pay, & how much you expect from it.

I have an R4 & CycloDS Evolution.

A] R4 is a simple flash cart that gets the job done.

- Supports up to 2GB

- Official updates are rare [google up "R4 custom firmware"]

- Looking to cheat? Cheat database will cut off after some amount of cheats, so switch to the custom firmware for the fix

- There is no such thing as R4 II; Thats a scam [though it works for some people]. My cousin got it & it was DOA.

B] CycloDS Evolution is a lot more advanced in terms of features.

- Supports HCSD [high capacity]

- Updates are more frequent, like one released I think a month ago

- State saves [works the majority of times]

I love the CycloDS, since it has a lot over the R4 . I prefer high quality products with good support.

Its like 50$ though, so your call.

There is a site that sells the Cyclo with "EZ Flash". I recommend the EZ Flash for any flash cart you buy, since it can be used with some homebrews, like "DS Backup" or "MoonShell 2".

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The R4 is basically a blank cartridge for the Nintendo DS .I thought that the Nintendo DS add-on devices like the R4 and Action Replay only worked on Windows programs(including Vista).The R4 for Nintendo DS takes your NDS console and makes it so much more robust than it is out of the box.The R4/R4 DS Card is the current top-of-the-line in DS SLOT-1 flash cards.

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I own one with an 8gb micro sd its great... actually I'd be willing to sell if ur willing to buy, I sold my ds

But yeh if ur wondering it'll play ds roms (downloaded too)

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