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Well I'm finally getting around to building my all in one CMS and the last thing before I begin development is the database structure for the forums. I have several ideas on how save the information but I haven't been able to find any research on the best (AKA: most efficient) way to store forum data in a mySQL database.

Thanks for any information.

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Have you tried looking at the schema other forums use? It can be most inspiring to look at the designs other people came up with and how well those perform in the real world.

Also i don't think there is one best design. It will always be a compromise, because as soon as you tune your schema to do one thing very well, other functions might slow down. I'd start by defining what functionality i want, then come up with a fairly reasonable design for just that. As soon as everything is running, i'd start profiling to identify slow code and other bottlenecks.

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