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hacking admin password in 10 min


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guys what you need is usb fash drive and a small software go down:

1- go to this page and download the software


2- you need a usb flash stick empty one

3- follow the instruction from the software

the software will format and make a bootable software

4- but the usb flash in the computer and restart

5- direct the boot to the flash from bios or F8


the command will be:

1- show the hash

2- save the hash (the hash will be automatically saved in the flash drive)

just chose 1 or 2

then just submet the hash here in i will crack it in less than 24 hour (coz i have job and not online all day)

sample :

lm: c13295aedcbccb7f6986e8d136ad862c

nt: 7fad186e35bdfccb98a467b774da288d

good luck :P

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sleety i have 80 gb rainbow tables in my pc let people take the hash and i will help

the cracking process takes from 1 min to 10 min to crack the password for lm and nt or you want to download 80 gb

to you pc????

give the hash and you will see 24 hours is not that much

im not online all the day

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Why not use konboot!?

So you login as the admin, 'nuff said.

Kon-boot doesn't always work. It only works on 32-bit systems; so root on 64-bit is right out with kon-boot.

I have had computers that it couldn't fix the SMAP entries on, and thus, couldn't patch the kernel.

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If you're going to break into a system, where's the challenge in asking someone what the hash is?

I won't give the "your own box" speech here, you know the drill, but even if you're recovering your own password there are plenty of methods you can try yourself, why bother asking someone else?

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it seems to me that the idea of cracking into a system is to do it yourself without the direct help of someone else, at least that is the goal. I agree with the idea that this is false advertizement: "10 minutes"? it may take 10 minutes for the actual cracking of the password, but it can take an additional 23:50 while we wait for it, assuming you actually do check every 24 hours.

I think the more important question is this:

-what is the process that you use to crack the password?

-what resources (HW/SW) are required?

-can we, as individuals have the ability to do the password cracking on our local computers, or at least on a web interface?

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