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Hard drive failure


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Sadly over the weekend my 1tb seagate decided to pass away taking all my raw film captures and pictures with it, thankfuly I have everything backed up.

Vista could only see the drive as raw and 32mb, so jumped into Linux to reformat it and found that ubuntu can see and operate the drive, better yet mounting the drive in Linux rebooting into windows allows windows to use the drive -.-' so now I'm here after a few days of googling.

Scan disk / seatools / test disk, all pass saying there is nothing wrong with the drive, though te disk won't work in any compute unless I boot ubuntu mount the reset.

Just lookng for ideas?


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you could use FTK imager to access the drive via windows and backup the info. I would also check out the MFT and the boot sector and make sure there is nothing going on. Just some suggestions. Hope they help.

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