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Do you think hak5 was better in the beginning or the end  

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  1. 1. When was / is hak5 the best

    • The first seasons were the best.
    • Right now is the best of hak5
    • Its been the same.
    • It has never been good.
    • I havn't seen any of the episodes to know!

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Everyone misses Wess, he ain't coming back. Why not support his podcast, unpersons. Chris has securabit, both to which I enjoy listening too.

I have to agree with the Tek5 statement. I just watched 6x01 and I well and truly thought, "I could be watching a show on TV".

Speaks volume on the quality but also the direction of the content.

Wish everyone would get off their back though. If you don't like it and can do nothing but complain, then fuck off. No season has been as good as Season 1 (/me looks at Harrison). I would not compare Chris Pirillo to Darren, for one Chris deals with absolute ground zero noobs *idle in ther irc and see what some people ask, it's nauseating. I mainly go in their to troll mac fan boys lol.

There have been a million threads like this since season 2 and it boils dont to stay and stop whinging, or leave. Sure alot of the older dudes are more vocal , but we dont control the direction of the show.

Again, I miss Harrison :(

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Yeah I agree. That's why I said it was like diggnation, these threads are fairly common and I tried to emphasize this with a request which will never happen.

The Chris Pirillo comment was meant in respects to what they have done, you say he attracts noobs, but he certainly is fairly popular for what he offers. He's very energetic, and quite outspoken in his views, but still stays within his safety barrier. I don't visit his IRC, I just know who he is, and some of the sites he controls. It wasn't meant in the fact their content was the same, or any real disrespect to Darren. I could have maybe used Kevin Rose, but that would have been a compliment and not fitting.

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Watching hak5 over the years, it has always appeared to me that the end goal was to become a legitimate tv show. I guess the whole revision 3 thing was just about as close as they are gonna get.

I still will not hate on them, because of the longevity and no doubt long hours they put in to keep it going. It will never be as good as i was. I accept that. Things change and people need to accept it or move on to something else.

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You're correct, well at least I think you are. But at the same time, you can't ignore feedback. My comments about the presenters are/were not malicious. I should point out that the Snubs comment was my fault as was not meant in a bad way. I now know it's Shannon. I did before it was just my memory, I didn't mean she is unmemorable. But if I can't say what I missed about the show, why should people say why they like the show?

As long as it is contained it's not a bad thing to see both sides of the fence.

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I've watched every episode since season 1 and I still think this show is one of the best tech iptv shows on the entire web. It just seems like Matt has this "cranky" geek attitude to him that gets a bit old sometimes, but he compensates for it with awesome tech segments.

If you guys want Wess back, it ain't gonna happen, he's repeatedly said that he has no desire to appear on the show. Unpersons is a great podcast though, so def check that out.

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The show changes just like you and I do. I'm not the same person I was 4 years ago, nor will I be in 2013. I've loved working with every cast -- everyone brings something interesting to the show. The fact that we're still doing this says one thing....We're still having fun. Remember, this is a hobby + beer money for us. If you don't enjoy the show, that's fine by me. I do so I'll keep producing it.

Think you know specifically what might make it better? Cool, let us know. I'm sure you've heard the feedback email address ad nauseam. Segment submissions? Sounds cool. Would make for a cool board. Actually we've got a new project that would really work well for that sort of thing called Hak5 Labs. There will be a board for that soon. Might be the right place to put some brainstorming together.

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