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Vista Hosed! - Any Ideas What It Was?


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ok well I was on youtube with my vista laptop and my headphones wouldn't work, then my audio stopped working and then my network slowed down.....

earlier in the week I kept getting messages the windows had crashed and needed to restart....

We'll I realized the system was infected but stupidly continued on, I restarted my laptop only to the that most of my drivers were uninstalled!

I lost:


rom drive



touch pad

so not very fun, I know the system's hosed and I'm currently adding the SATA drivers to my xp disc and will re-install into windows xp.

I'm curious though, What kind of virus does this? I've seen some nasty ones before but this one really disabled everything it needed to in order to prevent me from fixing it without reinstallation. I did have a dual boot with ubuntu on it so I could get my drivers on to the machine but I still couldn't get my dvd drive going again....

Any ideas?

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No, it's still a farily new pc and I've not had problems other than whats posted before hand.

I've downgraded to xp without issues and its running great, I'm just making it as secure as I can this time around

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