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Data Over Wire Transfer speed


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Hi guys, probably a silly question. But I need confirmation.

I have Windows Home Server, currently being used as just a file server over NFS. Let's say I have two shares in WHS, call them SHARE1 and SHARE2. Now I also have my main computer, in which I can use to run Retrospect Express Backup, for example. If I create backup jobs to copy files from SHARE1 to SHARE2, will data route from WHS (SHARE1) to Computer to WHS (SHARE2), or will data route directly from SHARE1 to SHARE2 through the internal bus of WHS?

Thanks for the help.

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I could be wrong, but I think it would be: SHARE1 to Computer to SHARE2

Agreed, the middle computer can't send commands that will force the computer that Share1 is on to transfer the files directly to Share2. It will the same if you copy paste a file from two network share windows that you have open.

For a bit of fun, you can try using wireshark to trace the transfer :).


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I think you can remote desktop into the server, and copy the files locally on the server itself. No need to copy from share1 whs> pc > share2 whs. Just rdp >whs> copy share1 > share2

I think you have to use the "Shared Folders on Server" link though once logged in.

Always use the "Shared Folders on Server" shortcut on the administrator's desktop to do something like this.
- http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w...c7-ce4870fc844a
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