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Dual Monitor Issue


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I'm having a bit of a problem running 2 monitors. My monitors are

Acer AL2002W (20")

Dynex DX-LCD42HD-09 (42") HDTV

My video card is ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB

Out of the PC I'm running DVI-DVI to the Acer and then I am running HDMI to the Dynex via a cat5 to HDMI extender.

My problem is I want both monitors to display the complete desktop as if each were primary display. For some reason no matter what I set the resolution to on the Dynex the taskbar and a bit of the desktop all the way around the screen is cut off. I guess you could say it's as if the first row of icons are cut off as well as the start bar.

I had this working before fine, but I just switched PC's and got this vid card 2 days ago and cannot remember what I did.

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Yes I do believe so. It's weird no matter what I set the resolution to on the 42" it like cuts off about 1-2 inches all the way around the screen. I must say though anyone looking to run a lengthy HDMI cable, those HDMI over cat5/6 extenders work extremely well.

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Yea I've tried just about every resolution. I wonder if "extending my desktop" has anything to do with it. I don't really want to "extend" my desktop, I just want to have dual monitors both showing the complete desktop, but it won't me to de-select that option.

I did see something in the ATI Catalyst Control Center about overscan, I'll play around with that and see if that helps.

Thanks for the feedback.

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