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Where did you hear about Hak5?

Darren Kitchen

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It all started a few weeks ago when i started listening to all these tech podcsat (diggnation) one lead me to another, and in some google searches and reading of forums then i got to The broken and there were only 3 ep. and i was mad :@ i was looking in the revision3 forums and some one was talking about Hak.5, I thought it sounded cool so i downloaded the latest one (ep 10) and like it! So I signed up here and started dl'in all the other ones :P

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Google Video strangly enough.
Blunt Google video but really there are two tales to this adventure.

Once there was a monkey named Harold he came to my house asking to use the internet to find a cure for a deadly disease which was plaguing his monkey franchise which was a technology buisness that got infected with a virus which told the disease carring rats too go. So I went to google video and typed hack and it came up with hak5. We watched it and than the monkey fought back agianst the evil virus and disease carring rats. So we all lived a happy life the monkey sadly later died of a bad bannana he ate poor monkey.

Or the simpler story

A magical website touched my computer and made it feel all giggily so it started to light up in the form of people on a television show which turned out to be interesting.

Edit: And my pyschatrist tells me I need to stop using drugs and start taking speed.

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It was mentioned in an early digg episode after you guys spoofed them, but I can't find it in the first 8 eps (and I'm not gonna review all that stuff).

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it got mentioned on another iptv show called stepone

(didnt like it tht mutch its not as professional as hak.5 ...

but they had some verry good segments on securing wifi and on php injection)

their site is -> http://www.step1.tv/ gotta love how uber noobish the site looks :D

and i also saw it mentioned on hackermedia (gotta <3 it , anyone else subscribed to their podcast feed btw ? llts is gr8 aswell)

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